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Yellow Submarine Movie Songtrack CD

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The Yellow Submarine Songtrack CD, containing music used in the film, have also been reissued in digipak - the same format as the remastered CD series. Features 15 songs, including "Yellow Submarine," "Hey Bulldog," "Nowhere Man," and "All Together Now."

Track Listing:

1. Yellow Submarine

2. Hey Bulldog

3. Eleanor Rigby

4. Love You To

5. All Together Now

6. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

7. Think for Yourself

8. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

9. With a Little Help from My Friends

10. Baby, You're a Rich Man

11. Only a Northern Song

12. All You Need Is Love

13. When I'm Sixty-Four

14. Nowhere Man

15. It's All Too Much