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SHAG Autographed Screen Print

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Official Beatles x SHAG Limited Edition Screen Print entitled “May I Introduce to You” from Dark Hall Mansion working with Apple Corps Ltd.

SHAG has captured The Beatles in his unique and distinctively singular style, bringing to life no less than the legendary moment when “Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band” explodes across 1968’s kaleidoscopic masterpiece, “Yellow Submarine.”

SHAG’s exceedingly limited print brilliantly showcases both The Beatles and his own unmistakable style. Beautifully hued, his print

measures a full 20″ x 28″ capturing the Blue Meanie’s worst nightmare-pure unadulterated joy through music!

SHAG’s striking rendering of The Beatles as they remove their ever so subtle disguises while the bandstand rises is a landmark moment in Beatles history capturing not only the free wheeling creativity of Yellow Submarine but the irrepressible spirit of The Beatles themselves.

Measures: 20” x 28”