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Brand new! Only 1,968 Yellow Submarine Box Sets exist!

Limited Edition Yellow Submarine Box Set Now Available for Pre-Order!
There are only 1,968 units!
Just recently, the Yellow Submarine Box Set and Graphic Novel from Titan Comics premiered at San Diego Comic Con to a more than ecstatic crowd! Rolling Stone Magazine even listed it in their top 25 best things they saw at the convention! Now, you can pre-order your own limited edition Yellow Submarine Box Set right in The Beatles Official Store. made of this very sought after collector’s piece that celebrates the 50th anniversary of the iconic and groundbreaking animated film. Within this lavishly illustrated box you will receive the following:
  • Critically acclaimed Yellow Submarine graphic novel adapted by Mad Magazine’s Bill Morrison
  • 6.5 inch Yellow Submarine vinyl figurine
  • 16 Yellow Submarine lobby cards
  • 4 Yellow Submarine posters – based on the originals!
  • 5 Beatles badges
  • Replica of a Yellow Submarine film premiere ticket
  • Exclusive art card signed by Bill Morrison 
Peruse just a few of the amazing items below and be sure to secure yours now before it is too late.


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